Behind the Lens of my Specsavers Experience (In Partnership with Specsavers Canada)

Anne with the Specsavers Guildford team

Did you know that with every eye exam at Specsavers you get a 3D eye scan (OCT)?

The 3D scan looks at the different layers of your retina. Being able to have one at your regular eye exam is a game changer to watch for early signs of eye disease.

In the past, I have only been able to have this scan done through a specialist (ophthalmologist) or at a vision care center where they have this equipment.

Health Canada recommends that adults get an eye exam at least once every two years and that children and seniors get tested every year.

Booking Your Eye Exam at Specsavers

How often have we put off our eye exams thinking that we’ll remember to do it tomorrow but tomorrow keeps getting pushed to another day?

Thankfully Specsavers makes booking an eye exam quick and easy. Within minutes (while still in my pajamas) I can book my appointment online or call the location near me. With many locations offering evening and weekend appointments, it is easy to find a time that fits your schedule. The day before your appointment you’ll even get a reminder text, so you don’t forget!

My Specsavers Experience
Checking In
On the day of my appointment, I went to the Guildford location and was immediately greeted with friendly customer service. All I had to do was walk up to the desk to let them know I was there and show them my health card.

Diagnostic Testing
I first met a team member who brought me into the diagnostic testing room. She did the 3D scan (OCT), and while the images were loading, the team used a Tonoref to perform tests (including the eye puff test) and also a lensometer test. She was so lovely and thoroughly explained the different tests, equipment, and how the procedure would go. I gained so much understanding of the importance of these tests.

Three dimensional image on a screen of the layers of the retina.
An image of a 3D scan of the layers of the retina

Eye Exam
Next, I met the optometrist, who was wonderful during the eye exam. So thorough. Probably the most thorough eye exam I’ve ever had, and she was so good at explaining everything along the way!

She went through my related health history and medications to put everything together. While she did the eye testing, she explained why she was doing specific tests and the importance of them. I was recently diagnosed with diabetes, so I must keep my health in check as I am also at risk of diabetic retinopathy. It’s true what they say, “The eyes are the window to your health.”

Dr. Lee made vision and health recommendations as I suffer from chronic headaches like using a magnifier with light. Because of my sensitivity to light, I got a lens prescription, and it was recommended that I get sunglasses. She also recommended a further visual health assessment to check my visual fields as I was experiencing falls. This was a visual field test which I was able to do right away at Specsavers with their latest equipment.

Selecting Frames
For me, picking out the frames is the hardest thing because (a) I can’t see what I look like, and (b) it’s overwhelming! It’s the most frustrating and daunting part of the process and it takes me a long time to make a decision. A lot of times I will end up picking something because I get tired and just want the experience to end.

I probably looked overwhelmed because that’s when the Specsavers frame stylist came over to help me. She was so helpful, and it was a relief and a weight off my shoulders. She made picking out a pair of frames the least stressful it’s ever been for me in all my life! She had a great sense of style and was able to help me find stylish frames that complimented me and framed my face nicely. She was beyond helpful, and I appreciated that she gave me an honest opinion! She really knew the product and selection well. I picked out two frames because it was such a good deal.

She then took careful measurements to make sure my glasses would fit perfectly. I also got to look at different lens options that would work best for my lifestyle. The order was put in and it was estimated that my glasses would be ready in two weeks.

Picking-Up and Sizing of the Glasses
Two weeks later I received a text message that my glasses were ready! Upon arriving at Specsavers I was again greeted with excellent customer service.

The optician brought out my new glasses. The first pair I picked was a brown tortoise shell Specsavers brand frame with transition lenses and the second pair was a Marc Jacobs frame with tinted brown lenses.

Before I took them home the optician made sure they fit on my temples and ears, and the width was comfortable and not too tight.

Marc Jacobs frames with tinted brown lenses
Marc Jacobs frames with tinted brown lenses

About Specsavers
Specsavers is an optometrist-owned and -led business that entered the Canadian market in late 2021 with its first location in British Columbia. It was founded in the U.K. nearly 40 years ago by optometrist husband and wife team Doug and Mary Perkins. Specsavers is driven by its purpose of “changing lives through better sight” and aims to transform the way Canadians experience accessible eyecare by offering exceptional service, clinical equipment and expertise, as well as affordable and quality eyewear.

Expertise and exceptional customer service are what come to mind when I think of Specsavers and my experience.

Two of my grown kids each made their own individual appointments before mine, and experienced the same excellent service, and clinical expertise, and loved their affordable quality eyewear. My husband will be making his appointment next!

Having the 3D eye scan (OCT) at every exam will benefit my children the most so they can watch for signs of eye disease as I have an inherited retinal disease. For myself, it helps to watch out for early signs of glaucoma.

Knowing that our family’s eye health is entrusted in Specsavers and well managed by our local optometrist gives me great peace of mind. This is truly evident in the brand’s commitment to eye health.

Check out my Specsavers highlight on Instagram to see more about my experience.

To learn more about Specsavers visit www.specsavers.ca to find a location near you to book your eye exam!

Anne with Fin the Whale, Mascot of the Vancouver Canucks
Anne with Fin the Whale, mascot of the Vancouver Canucks, at the Grand Opening of the Specsavers Guildford location.
Purpose in View written script with the name Anne in block letters underneath
Purpose in View – Anne

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Etsy sriracha williamsburg thundercats literally vinyl selfies distillery squid humblebrag. Glossier church-key subway.

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